Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1

They are still "tweaking" her Flolan (PH med) and her BP (blood pressure) medication. They are trying to find the right level for each where she doesn't have nausea and other side effects. They also continue to drop her oxygen. She still is not up walking (since she is hooked up to the heart monitoring system). It was our hope and prayer that she would be out by Wednesday, but now it might be Thu. She still does not have much of an appetite, only eating a couple spoonfuls of things. She has had back pain that has radiated around to her left side and they are trying to find the source of that. Right now pain medication doesn't seem to keep it under control for any length of time. Her heart rate was in the high 90s for most of yesterday, so that is coming down.

Your prayers are still needed on behalf of our mom. We must hold fast to God's unchanging hand and know that all things work according to His time. May we be patient as we wait and continue to trust in Him.

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