Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig

This little piggy is glad to be home from the hospital!!

I'm home in bed and thankful for your prayers, calls, visits and cards. God continues to bless, especially in hearing from friends that I haven't heard from in years - Rachel, Joyce, and others. It's good to talk to you again; once I get online, I'll be writing. Right now my secretary, Stephanie, is filling in for me. Isaiah 43:1-3 is so true - God has been through the fire, through the storm; and He has been RIGHT there. I'll write again soon.

Love you all. And again, thank you for your prayers, they have sustained me.

Love Wanda

Yes, My Mommy Is BACK!!! She was discharged today with all things in good measure and medications adjusted. She must continue with follow up blood work to make sure things stay that way. Angele, Lynette and Avery have joined us in Mansfield for the night, so I'm gonna keep this short to go and enjoy having her home!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! We will keep you up to date with our progression!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

911, what's your emergency?

At 3am this morning, Mommy was admitted back into the Cleveland Clinic(CC).

Things here at home were becoming challenging having to actually "care" for Mommy instead of "monitoring" her recovery AND continue my daily care of Olivia. Some of my days were literally running up and down the stairs to keep watch on the both of them. I've posted the last couple of Angele's emails with her updates.

As much as I didn't want Mommy to have to go back into the hospital, I see now that it was all in His plan. Here's how He worked.

On Sunday, I returned home from photographing my cousin's wedding at 9:30pm. As tired as I was, I sat down and learned how to mix her Flolan - I wanted to streamline the process for her.

Tuesday Edroy told me that he had no surgeries (he is usually VERY busy and has at least a half day of cases) scheduled for Wednesday so I needed to keep the appointment with Mommy's primary care doctor (Mommy was wanting to cancel because she thought it was just to meet her new doctor).

Wednesday we arrived at the PC's office, she noted the low pressure, feet/legs swelling and the delirium and gave us the options of "go to the CC ER or I will call an EMT."

The CC ER nurse noted the importance of having a back up Flolan cartridge and said pharmacy would take forever to fill the order. "Did you bring your back up with you?" I told her that we had the supplies. I told her that I had just learned to mix it, and she said "Make the cartridge." In the past, I'd never taken the "back up bag". The Lord had me pack it in the car the night before and had me learn to mix it a couple days before. To make a LONG ER story short, we arrived at the ER at 3 pm and she got a bed at 3 am. Angele posted below the ins and outs of the ordeal. Isn't it amazing to see for yourself the unfolding of His plan!!

All in all, Mommy's in the hands of the Master Physician. Continue to pray for her recovery and that the physicians will do what is best for her. Pray too that she will be kept well during her stay in the CC.

Thank you to all of you who have called and sent cards; your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Hopefully things will go much better on the next release. We'll keep you posted.


Continue to Pray - Sept 10

My mom is being readmitted into the hospital as I type. Starting on Monday her mental clarity was very low and she was sleeping all the time.

She went to the ER today and her sodium level was low and her potassium level was high. Her blood pressure has been all over the place today. She is also starting to retain fluid again. She will need close monitoring as they once again try to regulate her medication and get the sodium and potassium levels straightened out. Pray that she will regain her appetite since she hasn't eaten well since she was admitted the first time. They are talking about reinserting the swan cath to monitor her heart pressure again, so pray that procedure goes well, if needed, and that she will not get another infection.

Please pray that this will be a very short stay and they will not run into complications in stabilizing her.

"For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise"
Richard Smallwood "For Every Mountain"

Yes, I am still Praising Him and I know that He is working everything for my mom's good.

Thank you for your continued prayers

I Never Lost My Praise - Sept 8

This is such a beautiful song by Tramaine Hawkins. Here are a few lines:

"But in my disappointment, in my season of pain
One thing never wavered, one thing never changed
I never lost my hope, I never lost my joy,I never lost my faith,
But most of all, I never lost my praise"

So, I praise Him today, because He is a Good God.

I ask that you please continue to pray for my mom whose recovery is slow. Today they had to stop the antibiotic IV due to the high level that is in her blood along with other concerns. The nurse thought they would have to readmit her into the hospital but PRAISE the Lord, they are not going to do that. They will draw blood again on Thu. and reevaluate everything then.

Please pray that the infection is gone, that her getting off the vancomycin (antibiotic) will allow her to regain her strength (even the nurse today noticed that she has declined over the last few days), appetite and have a full and complete recovery without having to return to the hospital.

I never lost my hope, I never lost my joy, I never lost my faith, BUT most of all, I never lost my PRAISE.

God Bless,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home . . . Love

Sept 4, 2008

"When I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing." - The Wiz

Nope, we didn't click our heals 3 times, but we did put our faith and trust in the 3 who rule the world; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Angele posted yesterday, it was a fight getting Mommy discharged. Every time she informed me of the momentary obstacle, I did the same as her - pray, pray, pray. One of my prayers was that the Holy Spirit would impress on your hearts to pray at that precise moment as well. The LOVE that you all have shared with us throughout this ordeal has been astounding!! Love, His Love, is amazing!! We are HOME in more ways than one.

Today the visiting nurse came out and taught us how to do the IV antibiotic. It's a relatively easy process. She also took Mommy's vitals and some things were a little higher than they had been in the hospital, but I was guessing it's because the schedule of her meds have been a little delayed since being home.

It was SSOOOOO nice not having to go anywhere today - just a run to Walmart to pick up some prescriptions. Mommy enjoyed a peaceful day with no poking and prodding. She gets a little winded, but the nurse gave her an exercise to do to strengthen her lungs. She's also on a LONG line of O2 tubing, so she can get the O2 wherever she goes in the house.

Continue to keep us all in your prayers. Each day things get better and it's all because of your intercession.

While in the hospital, she had one gentleman, a friend of a friend, who called just to pray with her. He asked her to bear with him as he had never done that before, but just felt impressed to do so. Some of you have spoken to her while she was in the hospital - I'm sure she would love to speak with you all. If you would like to speak to Mommy, you can call her here at my home - 419-884-6393 - from 9a - 9p.

Those who have sent cards, they are already on display on the dresser in her room. If you would like to send a note or card, send it to my address as her mail sent to Oberlin is on hold.

Wanda Carter
1265 Wittmer Road
Mansfield, OH 44903

Again, thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, thoughtfulness and kindness. May the Lord bless you and say to you "when I was sick, you visited me." Thank you for your love.

PS - the "advocate" that Angele made mention of is Dr. Peter Zimbwa - another blessed angel from heaven!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wanda has left the building...The Cleveland Clinic that is!

Your prayers are still being answered and I continue to say that God is Able!

When I arrived at the hospital around 11:30 am, they had started her antibiotic through her IV so that had to finish and she still had to go to x-ray to check the picc line. So, I knew it would be a couple hours before we would leave, but 2 hours turned into almost 5.

Not long after I arrived, the case worker came in and said that Medicare would not cover the antibiotic she was being sent home on. She said she would work on it, but "it wouldn't get done today". WHAT? We want her home today. Pray, Pray, Pray. After all we have been through, I know that God will handle this.

We asked that her infectious medicine doctor be paged to see if there was an alternative drug. The nurse returned and said he was in a meeting and would not be able to come up until late afternoon.

We asked that her "advocate" doctor, who was instrumental in setting up her discharge and has shown genuine compassion for her during her stay, be paged.

I decided to get a bite to eat and who did I see in line but the infectious medicine doctor (Do you see God in all of this?). He explained that the oral form would cost more and Medicare wouldn't cover that either. Perhaps she could be admitted into a skilled nursing facility for 7 days while she continues with the med. No, I don't think so. Pray, Pray, Pray.

When I got back to her room, the case worker had been able to get the medication approved! Praise the Lord! However, she set it up for Oberlin and not Mansfield! She'd work on it but "it wouldn't get done today".

Next her "advocate" walks in and said that he understood everything was "OK" now. We told him she could not go because the case worker set everything up for the wrong city. He wasn't too happy about that, nor with the case worker's attitude toward us or him. He said he'd be back. When he returned, he said that she was working on it and correcting what she'd done wrong.

Mommy left for x-ray and we were still praying that her discharge would take place today.

Not long after she left I went to speak to the case worker who was just hanging up the phone and was ecstatic because she had everything set up and the nurse would be out in the morning in Mansfield! She was all smiles and even said "Praise the Lord"! I don't know what the "advocate" said to her, but her whole demeanor changed. I too said Praise the Lord, because I know it was Him who handled this TODAY so that my mom would be discharged.

It felt so good leaving the hospital today. We all feel "lighter". Steph and Livi met us in Oberlin and mommy is now at her "temporary" address in Mansfield.

Thank you Jesus for hearing us when we call.

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:23-25

Discharge Day!!!

Praise the Lord, mommy is being discharged today!

Right now they are inserting a "picc line" so that she can continue her antibiotics for 8 days at home and she has to get one more x-ray. I'll be picking her up around 11:30 am and later today she should be settled in at Stephanie's house (see address below).

We have prayed for this day and are grateful it's here.

Thank you all for your prayers during this time. Continue to lift her up in prayer as she regains her strength and enjoys life outside of the hospital!

God Bless,