Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home . . . Love

Sept 4, 2008

"When I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing." - The Wiz

Nope, we didn't click our heals 3 times, but we did put our faith and trust in the 3 who rule the world; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Angele posted yesterday, it was a fight getting Mommy discharged. Every time she informed me of the momentary obstacle, I did the same as her - pray, pray, pray. One of my prayers was that the Holy Spirit would impress on your hearts to pray at that precise moment as well. The LOVE that you all have shared with us throughout this ordeal has been astounding!! Love, His Love, is amazing!! We are HOME in more ways than one.

Today the visiting nurse came out and taught us how to do the IV antibiotic. It's a relatively easy process. She also took Mommy's vitals and some things were a little higher than they had been in the hospital, but I was guessing it's because the schedule of her meds have been a little delayed since being home.

It was SSOOOOO nice not having to go anywhere today - just a run to Walmart to pick up some prescriptions. Mommy enjoyed a peaceful day with no poking and prodding. She gets a little winded, but the nurse gave her an exercise to do to strengthen her lungs. She's also on a LONG line of O2 tubing, so she can get the O2 wherever she goes in the house.

Continue to keep us all in your prayers. Each day things get better and it's all because of your intercession.

While in the hospital, she had one gentleman, a friend of a friend, who called just to pray with her. He asked her to bear with him as he had never done that before, but just felt impressed to do so. Some of you have spoken to her while she was in the hospital - I'm sure she would love to speak with you all. If you would like to speak to Mommy, you can call her here at my home - 419-884-6393 - from 9a - 9p.

Those who have sent cards, they are already on display on the dresser in her room. If you would like to send a note or card, send it to my address as her mail sent to Oberlin is on hold.

Wanda Carter
1265 Wittmer Road
Mansfield, OH 44903

Again, thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, thoughtfulness and kindness. May the Lord bless you and say to you "when I was sick, you visited me." Thank you for your love.

PS - the "advocate" that Angele made mention of is Dr. Peter Zimbwa - another blessed angel from heaven!

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