Thursday, September 11, 2008

Continue to Pray - Sept 10

My mom is being readmitted into the hospital as I type. Starting on Monday her mental clarity was very low and she was sleeping all the time.

She went to the ER today and her sodium level was low and her potassium level was high. Her blood pressure has been all over the place today. She is also starting to retain fluid again. She will need close monitoring as they once again try to regulate her medication and get the sodium and potassium levels straightened out. Pray that she will regain her appetite since she hasn't eaten well since she was admitted the first time. They are talking about reinserting the swan cath to monitor her heart pressure again, so pray that procedure goes well, if needed, and that she will not get another infection.

Please pray that this will be a very short stay and they will not run into complications in stabilizing her.

"For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise"
Richard Smallwood "For Every Mountain"

Yes, I am still Praising Him and I know that He is working everything for my mom's good.

Thank you for your continued prayers

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