Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

911, what's your emergency?

At 3am this morning, Mommy was admitted back into the Cleveland Clinic(CC).

Things here at home were becoming challenging having to actually "care" for Mommy instead of "monitoring" her recovery AND continue my daily care of Olivia. Some of my days were literally running up and down the stairs to keep watch on the both of them. I've posted the last couple of Angele's emails with her updates.

As much as I didn't want Mommy to have to go back into the hospital, I see now that it was all in His plan. Here's how He worked.

On Sunday, I returned home from photographing my cousin's wedding at 9:30pm. As tired as I was, I sat down and learned how to mix her Flolan - I wanted to streamline the process for her.

Tuesday Edroy told me that he had no surgeries (he is usually VERY busy and has at least a half day of cases) scheduled for Wednesday so I needed to keep the appointment with Mommy's primary care doctor (Mommy was wanting to cancel because she thought it was just to meet her new doctor).

Wednesday we arrived at the PC's office, she noted the low pressure, feet/legs swelling and the delirium and gave us the options of "go to the CC ER or I will call an EMT."

The CC ER nurse noted the importance of having a back up Flolan cartridge and said pharmacy would take forever to fill the order. "Did you bring your back up with you?" I told her that we had the supplies. I told her that I had just learned to mix it, and she said "Make the cartridge." In the past, I'd never taken the "back up bag". The Lord had me pack it in the car the night before and had me learn to mix it a couple days before. To make a LONG ER story short, we arrived at the ER at 3 pm and she got a bed at 3 am. Angele posted below the ins and outs of the ordeal. Isn't it amazing to see for yourself the unfolding of His plan!!

All in all, Mommy's in the hands of the Master Physician. Continue to pray for her recovery and that the physicians will do what is best for her. Pray too that she will be kept well during her stay in the CC.

Thank you to all of you who have called and sent cards; your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Hopefully things will go much better on the next release. We'll keep you posted.


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