Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aug 30

When Mommy was moved to the step down, the ICU nurse's aide warned her, "You know, we really spoiled you, and here they aren't going to treat you as well." The nurse to patient ratio is now 1:4 and it takes a long time for the nurses to attend needs. The nurse's have even gotten nit picky about the ice packs she has to keep on her flolan, saying she needed to have brought her own was never an issue in the ICU.

Mommy is hardly eating as the side effect of a couple of the medications is nausea. The have started her on Ensure to get her nutrients. The cardiologist is still adjusting her medications to diminish the nausea and get her blood pressure steady. Her cumadin levels are now correct and she was taken off the IV blood thinner, heparin. She still receives the IV antibiotic once a day. He told us on Thursday that he was going to order a physical therapist to come and get her walking to monitor her O2 levels, but as of Saturday, a PT still hasn't come to see her.

The infectious disease doctor came by on Friday and checked her hickman site and said it didn't look infected. He stated that her first blood culture showed one bacteria and her second, a different bacteria. As far as I know, he didn't order another culture; his tone and body language said he is anxious to get Mommy out of the hospital and on oral antibiotics for two weeks, as it seems she keeps catching bugs.

PRAY FOR MOMMY'S DISCHARGE. She's not eating well, and seems to keep catching things. Pray for the physical therapist to be scheduled for her to get up and walk around, as that's the only thing she needs now to get out. It's a holiday weekend, but we are praying for a Monday or Tuesday release.

Mommy continues to get surprise visits, cards and phone calls. Thank you all for your prayers for her and our family. God has truly been working some miracles and we're certain it's because of the army of prayer warriors petitioning Him.

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