Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aug 26

There were no clots and they were able to shock her heart, in fact they shocked it 3 times, however, that did not work.

Right now we are waiting for them to do another EKG. I don't know medical terminology, but they want to see if it's one thing that a electro-physiologist could go into her heart and "burn" out what is causing her heart to race so much, or if it's another thing, then they will try and lower her heart rate with drugs. One thing is for sure, her heart can not continue to beat at it's current rate.

Now some of her blood and urine cultures are coming back with signs of infection and they don't know if it's "surface" or not. They just drew a lot of blood and will start her on antibiotics.

As you can see there are many things in "play" right now. We are still trusting that God, our Great Physician, will heal her and direct the doctors here on the proper treatment.Continue to lift my mom up in prayer. Pray for my sister and I as it's becoming over whelming at times and we want to be strong for our mom and support her throughout this healing.

God Bless

Addendum: Most likely due to the infections, the swan catheter was removed this evening when the antibiotics were started. It was sent off to be cultured; so please pray that the infection was not right at her heart.

As Angele mentioned, it is getting really hard to be strong. Mommy is a true trooper and I told her that she's a strong woman as I would have been begging the doctors to sedate me for all she's had to endure. Physically, she had a rough day, but when we were leaving this evening, she seemed to be doing much better and had a few laughs with the nurses. Please continue to uplift us in prayer.

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