Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aug 28

Some of you are asking for specifics to pray for instead of just "healing".

1. Mommy's heart rate needs to decrease. The medications for the heart that do this present more of a risk than benefit to her, so they are not an option. They are bringing the rate down with blood pressure medication; the only drawback is that it's lowering her BP as well....and that going too low is not good.

2. The blood infection needs to clear and not have affected her hickman catheter....this is the direct line tube to her heart that administers her flolan medication.

3. Mommy was already prone to anxiety, so pray that God will give her peace an not be anxious (something else that may be keeping her heart rate elevated.). She is given medication for this, but only at night time to help relax her so she can sleep. She just shared with me as I was leaving today, she's anxious in the mornings for me to arrive and hear the doctors' reports as they make their rounds.

Angele already posted the praise for the day in "Movin' on Up".

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