Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug 27

Not as stressful a day, but progress is being made. When I arrived this morning, Mommy was sitting in the chair and remained there until early afternoon. By sitting, her lungs can expand further and her oxygen levels were MUCH better....up to 97% from the upper 80s- low 90s range! The medications are working to lower her heart rate, but it's still a little fast. Optimally, the doctor wants to see her resting rate in the 70s - 80s, but will settle for below 100 considering what it was. Right now it ranges from 101-125. This is much improved from the 140s it had been.

She is completely off of the nitro IV and all heart medications are oral now.

After consulting with the "electricians", the team concluded that the shocking of her her DID work. They looked back through all of the EKGs and said that her rhythm was indeed reset, however, the shock did NOT slow the heart rate as the cardiologist had thought it would. At present, the electro team doesn't see a need to do any further procedures along the electric lines.

Dr. Eckman, the lead cardiologist fellow who manages the unit, has assured us that all teams are actively trying to diagnose everything they possibly can and not just medicate conditions. One doctor said it was like Mommy was in for a "tune up." Although she doesn't feel as well as she did say 6 months ago, she's much better off than when she came in last week.

Please continue to pray for HEALING. God has been answering your prayers in healing her, keeping her spirits up, and granting her tolerance for all the pokes and prods. The resounding thought I receive in all of your emails is "GOD IS ABLE".

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