Monday, August 25, 2008

Aug 24

My God is an Awesome God!My mom continues to improve and your prayers are being answered each hour of the day. "He promises to hear and answer our supplications. Yes, Christ has become the medium of prayer between God and man." (Testimonies, vol 8, p. 178)Yesterday, the plan to increase her flolan didn't go so well since the pharmacy didn't send up the right concentration until late in the day and her swan catheter (Swan-Ganz catheterization is the passing of a thin tube (catheter) into the right side of the heart. The procedure is done to see blood movement through the heart and to monitor the heart's function in people who are very ill) was coming out and they could not get it repositioned to give proper readings. They tried late yesterday evening (around 9) and the dr. said he would just leave it till morning and most likely a new one would need to be inserted (this is done with the guide of of an x-ray). So, with that happening, and the night staff not involved in the titration (In medicine, titration is the process of gradually adjusting the dose of a medication until the desired effect is achieved) of her flolan, we really couldn't gauge her progress.I stayed with her last night and she had a couple rounds of good sleep (she does need to wear the oxygen face mask while sleeping, but she can maintain good oxygen levels during the day with the cannulas) but around 4 am she did have some anxiety. She asked for her Bible and was reading that and when the nurse came in she said that she was OK, things looked good, she had me there, she was reading her Bible and that she should just relax. She did go back to sleep and slept good between 5 - 7.She had her same nurse today from yesterday; Chyrese. Let me tell you, God has a plan. While my mom is there in Heart Failure ICU she is sharing God's word! Chyrese was questioning my mom about the state of the dead and our religious beliefs yesterday evening when I returned to her room which led to a mini Bible study by Pastor Valles (thank you) with her.This morning her dr. had to put in a new swan and that went well. They can get accurate readings now and her flolan was gradually increased during the day and she was given two pills to replace the nitro so she is being weaned off that.I left around 3 pm today (Steph came back to be with her through the afternoon) and I apologize to anyone whose phone call I have not returned, but I was able to sleep until a little after 9 pm. My mom said she felt comfortable enough to stay tonight by herself. I spoke to Steph about an hour ago and she said when she left around 7 pm my mom's pulmonary dr. had called in and was very happy with her numbers! If you get this email tonight, please pray that she has a good, full nights rest and that she will continue to tolerate the increased Flolan and decreased nitro. That her pressure will continue to come down and heart function will improve each day. Steph will go and be with her in the morning and Lynette and I plan on going when I get off work tomorrow. Please also pray for Bro. Lee & family (Harold Lee's brother). He is there in the Heart Failure ICU too. God is blessing him with improved health also.Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

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